Most of our work is profiled on our CNC Punch Press. With a large library of tooling, we can acheive profiles ranging from very basic to highly complex. If certain profiles are required which are not held in our stock library, these can be supplied to us from our Approved Supplier within a matter of days, so production is not interfered with.

The punched sheets are then passed through to our bending department. Our most recent purchase is the Safan "E-Brake" Brake Press. Capable of fast tool changes and multiple setups within a programme, the Safan has helped us to increase our production rate and capabilities.

The work is then passed through to our fabricating team. We have several MIG & TIG plants and can carry out fabrications of all shapes and sizes. Once the parts have been fabricated, they are finished to our customers requirements, either to be supplied as a painted finished item etc or natural state.

A full range of fixtures and fittings can be applied to the fabrications as per customer requirements, self clinch studs, nuts, standoffs, weld studs and special customer supplied fittings as required. Finishings are then applied, should the customer require it and delivered ready for customer assembly/ delivery.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Reservoir for leading UK Medical manufacturer. Manufactured from 304 2b Stainless Steel and fully finished in house


Fayton Developments Ltd

Unit D3 Dominion Way, Rustington, West Sussex, BN16 3HQ

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